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10 best face wash available in India 2020


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10 best face wash available in India

Face wash is as important as your hand wash. Face wash removes the dirt, impurities and clears unclogged pores. There are so many face washes available in the market and the most important task is choosing the right one. 

Before choosing a face wash for yourself, must keep in mind your skin type, ingredients and of course your budget. 

Here, I am providing you a list of all best face wash with different range and skin type. I did q very wide research over it and some of the face wash was also used by myself. So read carefully and choose the right one. 

How to choose face wash for your skin type? 

Choosing a right face wash is very important for your skin. There are so many face washes in the market. Before choosing any of the product think out of your skin type. 

1.For dry skin

Choose a moisturizing and hydrating face wash free from chemicals and parabens. Also choose a face wash that is free from fragrance and alcohol. 

2.For oily skin

Choose neem, aloe vera, turmeric extracts based face wash to control oil production and acne control. Do not go for the alcohol based product it can damage your skin. 

3.Sensitive and combination skin

If you have sensitive skin choose an organic product that is free from chemicals and parabens. 

4.Normal skin

You should go for a mild and gentle face wash which removes the dirt and impurities and also makes your skin soft and supple. 


1. Himalaya neem purifying face wash

This is one of the most famous face wash in India. This is best for every teenager with any of the skin types. This face wash is basically for acne prone skin so if you have a acne prone skin this face wash is for you no matter from which age group you are.This face wash clears the skin deeply and removes oil from the face. 

This is a soap-free herbal formulation face wash. It has neem and turmeric benefits to cure acne . 

Rs. 65 for 50ml 👉BUY NOW

2.Neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser

This face wash is dermatologically tested and safe to use. This is very good one for the sensitive skin. If you have a very sensitive skin and no face wash suits you then you should try this one. This face wash is also very beneficial for daily use and for college going and office going women. It clears the skin deeply and leaves a very smooth and soft skin.

Rs. 110 for 50 ml , 👉BUY NOW

3.Biotique Bio honey gel face wash

As the name says it is made up of honey. So this is very effective for dry skin people. This face wash keeps your skin smooth and soft which honey based product does. If you have a very dry skin you can definitely try out this one. This is chemical free face wash and  safe to use. 

Rs. 95 for 100 ml, 👉BUY NOW

4.Plum green tea face wash

This is one of the satisfied face wash. This face wash is best for every skin type and this is also chemical free. Plum green tea face wash is paraben and sulphate free and very gentle on the skin. This clears the skin deeply and removes all the dirt and impurities. And very affordable too. 

This face wash is really effective for acne prone skin and leaves your skin fresh. 

Rs. 276 for 75 ml, 👉BUY NOW

5.Clean & Clear foaming face wash

This face wash is specially for oily skin as it says but this suits all skin type. This keeps your skin fresh and clears the skin deeply. You should definitely try out this if you are searching for a new face wash. This is a foaming face wash that gently cleanses the skin. 

Rs. 132 for 150 ml, 👉BUY NOW

6.WOW activated charcoal foaming face wash

This face wash helps to deeply clean the skin and purify the pores. This rejuvenates the dull skin and controls oil production.This product is dermatologically tested and free from all parabens and chemicals . This face wash suits all skin types and safe to use. 

Rs. 215 for 100 ml, BUY NOW

7. Lotus herbal tea tree face wash

This face wash contains tea tree oil which is a powerful antioxident, antibacterical , anti-acne and fights acne.This face wash also contains cinnamon which is also antibacterical and antifungal. This face wash is a great option for oily skin people. 

Rs. 153 for 100 g,  👉BUY NOW

8.Biotique bio neem purifying face wash

This face wash is again more effective for oily skin and all skin types. This is a soap free and 100% natural product. This fresh foaming face wash is safe to use and blended with the extracts of neem, reetha and kulanjan to remove dirt impurities and acne. This makes your skin clear and glowing. 

Rs. 123 for 150 ml, 👉BUY NOW

9. Lakme blush and glow strawberry gel face wash

This face wash is best suitable for dry skin and all skin type individuals can use it. Enriched with goodness of rich strawberry extracts. Cleanse the face very well and removes all the dirt and impurities to make it glowing. This is very gentle on sensitive skin and also chemical free. This face wash is helpful in controlling oil production. 

Rs143 for 100 g, 👉BUY NOW

10. Mamaearth vitamin C face wash

This face wash is made for all skin types. It clears the dirt because of vitamin C and turmeric extracts. This product is chemical and paraben free.This face wash gives a natural glow to your face and improves blood circulation. This face wash retains moisture, controls excess oil and leaving healthy and radiant skin. 

Rs. 249 for 100 ml, 👉BUY NOW


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