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Natural ways to improve brain memory and concentration

  Natural ways to improve brain memory and concentration Hello everyone!  I hope you all are doing well!  Are you misplacing your thing? Are you forgetting answers at the time of exam? Are you forgetting about what you had done yesterday?  Then there is a need to improve brain memory and concentration. A strong memory depends on health of the brain. If you are a student, employee or a senior citizen there is a plenty of ways to improve your memory and concentration for work and daily life. To live a healthy lifestyle brain plays a vital role in this because all of our work is maintained by the brain. As you pay attention to your body and skincare you have to take care of your brain to make it healthy and lifelong.  There are so many tips and tricks to improve your brainpower and concentration.  1. GET PROPER SLEEP Proper sleep is very important for proper functioning of the brain. We should take 7-8 hours of sleep daily. Make a schedule of sleeping at the right time and waking up early

10 step Korean skincare routine | DIYs

  10 step Korean skincare routine | DIYs Hello everyone!  I hope you all are doing well!  Korean skincare routine is in trend nowadays that's why I thought to write about it and yeah it's really amazing and very different from the normal skincare routine. All the products in these steps which I am gonna tell you are natural and easy on the pockets.  No doubt that Korean skincare routine provides you a clear, bright and glowing skin. In this routine you will come to know about how to make oil based cleanser, water based cleanser and many more DIYs. The most popular part of this routine is glass skin so let's know about how to get a glass skin? Interesting?  10 STEPS DIY 1. Oil based cleanser Oil based cleanser is really important in Korean skincare. This clears the skin deeply and removes all the dirt, impurities and pores. Oily skin people also have to do this step and don't worry it will not damages the skin. For this you have to use natural oil that is olive oil and j

Say goodbye to dark spots with home remedies

  Say goodbye to dark spots with home remedies Hello everyone!  I hope you all are doing well!  Sometimes pimple or acne leaves the mark after they heal and these marks  are really overwhelmed and difficult to treat. There are many products in the market which can treat dark spots, but don't pick any of the product, first check out the ingredients and take advice. Some products contain retinol which can damage your skin and replenish the upper layer of the skin. Apart from the products, there are some of the best natural ingredients which can reduce the dark spots. I am gonna tell you some amazing home remedies to treat dark spots There are some other reasons for dark spots other than acne or pimple such as pregnancy, medications, hormonal changes and not using sunscreen. Guys, take care of your skin and body because it will remain always with you. Home remedies for dark spots❤ Home remedies are easy to use and affordable for everyone because all the ingredients are found in yo

The best skincare routine for dry skin types

THE BEST SKINCARE ROUTINE FOR DRY SKIN TYPES Dry skin individuals face a lot of problems. Whatever products and creams they use , but still suffers from the dry and flaky skin. It happens due to lack of proper skincare and guidance. In this article I will tell you everything about day and night skincare routine.  Sometimes my skin changes and become so much dry then I follow all these steps to take care of my face. If I ignored this then my skin becomes very flaky. If you follow these steps daily then you will definitely make your skin glowing.  MORNING SKINCARE ROUTINE 1. Cleansing Wash your face just gently with a good face wash according to your skin. Face wash is necessary if you have unclear skin and you wanna go out. But if you are at home just wash your face with water don't use face wash. How to choose best face wash for you? I will explain it below.  2. Use rose water(toner)   After cleansing your face apply rose water with the help of a cotton ball. Drop 5-6 drops of rose

Hair smoothening at home | Get straight and smooth hair naturally

  Hair smoothening at home|Get straight and smooth hair naturally Hello everyone  I hope you all are doing well Today I am gonna tell you about how you can do hair smoothening at home just by using natural ingredients very easily. If you have a dull, frizzy and rough hair then hair smoothening can provide you silky, shiny and smooth hair naturally.  You can do this hair smoothening treatment in salon but it's really expensive and some people can't afford this plus this salon treatment can damage your hair because of harmful products.  Hair smoothening is simple to do at home and it can also straighten your hair over the period of time.  In this blog post, I will tell you 2 different and amazing methods of hair smoothening.  What is hair smoothening?  If you have frizzy and wavy hair it can be your thing. It makes your hair soft, smooth and shiny and easy to manage. This is not exactly straight your hair like hair straightening yet makes extreme shiny and soft hair. This treatme


  AMAZING BENEFITS OF PAPAYA FOR SKIN AND HAIR Hello everyone!  I hope you all are doing well!  We love to eat papaya 😋and it also has so many health benefits. But do you know papaya works amazing on skin and hair. It cures so my hair and hair concerns. How cool is that? Do you love to eat papaya then you will definitely love to use it for hair and skin. Papaya has so many properties that makes it an amazing diy for skin and hair. To know what are those benefits read out my article till end. Papaya can be used for any skin type but sensitive skin can get rashes so if you get any problems after first use don't use it again. Try something different and you can also check out my earlier articles. Why to use it? Papaya has so many properties so that you can use it. Papaya has Vitamin and minerals Rich in fiber Rich in antioxidant Contains Vitamin P These are the superb properties of papaya to cure all ailments and many diseases, infections, wounds and so on. BENEFITS OF P

10 skincare mistakes you need to avoid for healthy skin

  10 skincare mistakes you need to avoid for healthy skin Hey guys!  I hope you all are doing well.  If you are not getting the best results from your skincare routine or you are moving to a new routine with unsatisfied results. Then, there is a need to find out your mistakes. Everybody says about the good skincare routines and what you have to do but today I am gonna tell you about those big mistakes that we are not taking seriously.  Some of the mistakes damage our skin like premature aging, pimples, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and so on.  I have also done these mistakes but now and when I know about this then why don't I tell you so that you avoid those mistakes.  10 MISTAKES 1. Not cleansing in a right way Cleansing in a right way is really important. You should wash your face only twice in a day. Don't forget to wash your face when coming back home. Don't overdo this because it leads to more oil production. That's enough to wash your only face twice in


  10  MUST-HAVE ACCESSORIES FOR EVERY GIRL  Hello everyone!  I hope you all are doing well!!  Who doesn't like the accessories? No matter how many accessories you have, still we want more! 🤣 Accessories should be changed according to trend but there are some versatile accessories that you can wear with any dress and in any trend. These are the must -have accessories you should have to wear it anytime without the worries of matching with the dress.  1.SMART ⌚WATCH A Smart watch gives you a practical and stylish look. A simple smart watch can go with every outfit and looks amazing. Smart watch is designed for a busy lifestyle to offer you comfort. It doesn't distract you from pulling your phone out for every couple of minutes.  2. A leather belt A Leather belt defines your outfit. You can wear it up with long kurtis, jeans or any long dress. The black and brown color belt can go with any dress. The belt bag is trendy and looks very classy. You can wear to keep the jeans in its p

10 best face wash available in India 2020

  10 BEST FACE WASH AVAILABLE IN INDIA 2020 Hello everyone!  I hope you all are doing well!  Face wash is as important as your hand wash. Face wash removes the dirt, impurities and clears unclogged pores. There are so many face washes available in the market and the most important task is choosing the right one.  Before choosing a face wash for yourself, must keep in mind your  skin type , ingredients and of course your budget.  Here, I am providing you a list of all best face wash with different range and skin type. I did q very wide research over it and some of the face wash was also used by myself. So read carefully and choose the right one.  How to choose face wash for your skin type?  Choosing a right face wash is very important for your skin. There are so many face washes in the market. Before choosing any of the product think out of your skin type.  1.For dry skin Choose a moisturizing and hydrating face wash free from chemicals and parabens. Also choose a face wash that is free

10 home remedies to tighten open pores naturally

10 HOME REMEDIES TO TIGHTEN OPEN PORES NATURALLY Hello everyone!  I hope you all are doing well!  Open pores are major problems of oily and combination skin. These are tiny little pores on face caused by excessive oil production. Open pores can be seen by naked eyes because of improper skincare and stress.  In this article, I will tell you all those helpful remedies which can minimize the open pores. Visible open pores make your face look aged and dull. Many individuals spend a lot of money to cure them but you can cure them just by using the ingredients available in your kitchen. But yeah, I am not saying that don't use market products you can definitely go with it but the home remedies work wonder on the skin.  CAUSES There are some causes of large open pores- 👉 Stress 👉Genetic 👉Improper skincare  👉 Not using products according to your skin type 👉Excess exfoliation Now, top 10 home remedies for large and open pores- HOME REMEDIES FOR LARGE AND OPEN PORES 1.PAPAYA Papaya tigh