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Best haircut according to your face shape

  BEST HAIRCUT ACCORDING TO YOUR FACE SHAPE Hey guyssss!  I hope you all are doing well!  After a long time, I am writing my blog post. I had my final year exams that's why  I used to be not active on my blog. But from now I will be consistent 😊 I Will provide 2 Or 3 valuable posts every week.  Today's blog post is about various hair cuts to suit your face shape. In my previous posts ,I told you about the  Best glasses according to your face shape  and  Choose best earrings for your face shape .  Hair cuts play a major role in your appearance. They provide you a proper engaging look to satisfy yourself. Therefore strive my tips and tricks to get satisfaction.  DIFFERENT FACE SHAPES The first and foremost thing is determining your exact face shape. For this, you need to stand in front of a mirror on your one arm distance and mark your face shape on the mirror with an eradicable pen or lipstick.  Alternatively, you can click a photo of yourself on your one arm distance and mark