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Klinex soothing cleansing lotion -review

KLINEX SOOTHING CLEANSING LOTION - REVIEW Hey guys!  I hope you all are doing well!!!  In this article i m gonna review on a cleanser that is KLINEX SOOTHING CLEANSING LOTION.  Earlier , I reviewed on LA SHIELD SUNSCREEN GEL SPF 40 . This cleansing lotion is wonderful for acne prone and sensitive skin. My brother has used it when he got acne and pimples due to hormonal changes and within a month he got rid of all the pimples. It also removed the dark spots and acne spots. This cleanser also removes the makeup well. This is really soothes the skin and keeps glowing and fresh skin.  Whenever I give you a review about a product, first I will use it myself and only when I am satisfied  I will tell you about it. PRODUCT NAME KLINEX SOOTHING CLEANSING LOTION  PRICE INR 225 for 125 ml.  FEATURES Mild and gentle facewash for SENSITIVE SKIN Eczematous skin eg. Atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, hand foot eczema.  Face of acne patients with normal to dry skin Xerotic skin Sunburnt skin

5 different eye makeup looks by using kajal

5 DIFFERENT EYE MAKEUP LOOKS BY USING KAJAL Hey guys!  I hope you all are doing well!!! Kajal Or kohl is one of the favorite beauty products of every girl. Kajal defines our eyes and gives an amazing look.  We may or may not use any other product, but we do use kajal and lipstick. We can create many different amazing looks with kajal. Nowadays different colors are found in Kajal but still Black kajal is the most preferred one. So here we create all the looks just by using a black kajal Or kohl.  Kajal is used by all Indians as I saw from my childhood. Applying kajal in the same way every time can be a little bit boring. So try all the different looks which I am going to tell you.  Different looks by using kajal So, let's get start it.  1.SIMPLE AND CLASSIC LOOK For those who do not like much makeup and wants to define their eyes then this is the best for them. It will give you a very simple and sober look.  Apply kajal on your lower waterline and also on upper waterline. Repeat the

La shield sunscreen gel SPF 40 Review

LA SHIELD SUNSCREEN GEL SPF 40 PA+++ REVIEW Hello everyone!  Hope you all are doing amazing well!!!  Summer has come and in the meantime we all get sun tan. To avoid tanning, we have to use sunscreen. So my lovely people, in this article I am telling you about a sunscreen that i have used and still using.  This does not mean that you only have to use it in summer, we have to use it in winters also to avoid tanning.  I am using this La Shield Sunscreen Gel SPF 40 for more than 1 year and now I am in love with it. For any sunscreen you use, it is at least necessary to have SPF 40. So, this is one of the best sunscreen to use.  La Shield Sunscreen Gel SPF 40 PRODUCT NAME La shield sunscreen gel spf 40  👈BUY NOW PRICE INR 730 of 60 kg AVAILABILITY On Amazon, flipkart, Nykaa and all pharmacy store.  FEATURES La Shield Sunscreen Gel has UVA & UVB filters to provide broad spectrum protection.  It also helps to improve skin hydration.  Non - irritant Water Resistant Preservative Free Alco

How to remove wrinkles naturally | Anti aging tips

  HOW TO REMOVE WRINKLES NATURALLY |ANTI AGING TIPS Hello everyone!!!  I hope you all are doing well!    I am going to talk with you about such a problem which with increasing age becomes a problem for all of us. No one wants to look older, infact neither do I! But I m still 20 . Hehehe!! Wrinkles are the sign of growing age.  My mum is also very upset because of growing age and wrinkles. She has dry skin.Wrinkles on dry skin occur very quickly. When I thought of solving my mum's problem then I come to know that this can be the problem of many people. So, I wanna share this with you all of you. Hope this will be helpful for you.  Before explaining its solution, there are some questions that arises related to this. First of all, I will tell you the queries.  WHY DO WRINKLES OCCUR?  Wrinkles are the natural process of aging. As we grow older, our skin gets thinner, drier and less elastic which causes wrinkles and fine lines. But here are some other reasons for wrinkles that are liter