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Jade roller benefits | Everything you need to know about jade roller

 Jade roller benefits | Everything you need to know about jade roller

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Jade roller benefits

Jade roller benefits

You have been seen jade roller many times used by beauty bloggers. It was a trend in 2020 and this will continue in 2021. Jade roller is a tool for all skin concerns and has major benefits for the skin. 

Jade roller gives you so many amazing benefits for your skin just by massaging the face. Jade roller is good to penetrate any product in the skin. Jade roller does the same work as body massage does. In this article, you will come to know about what exactly is jade roller and what are its benefits and everything you need to know about jade roller. 

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What is a jade roller? 

A jade roller in a nutshell face massaging tool. This is made out of the stone that is called jade and this stone is made out of ornamental minerals that are amazing for detoxifying the skin. Jade roller has natural healing properties. This stone is really cool to touch so it minimizes the aging signs and puffiness. If you use this regularly you will get visible results. 

What are the benefits of jade roller

Simply massaging your face with the roller has numerous benefits for the skin. After using it continuously you will see the difference in your skin with good results. Let's know some amazing and major benefits of jade roller. 

1. Reduces the puffiness

Jade roller reduces the puffiness of face as well as eyes. Massaging with a jade roller can make your face smooth and supple. Puffiness seems very annoying and jade roller is a great tool to get smooth skin. 

2. Improves blood circulation

This also helps in improving blood circulation by massage your face with the jade stone. Due to improving blood circulation your face look brighter and firmer. It makes your face look pinkish and glowing. 

3. Penetrates skin product

Jade roller really helps to absorb the product properly into skin. After using moisturizer or serum just massage with it then it helps to distribute the product into the skin well. It is good to use a jade roller after using moisturizer before going to bed. 

4. Soothes the face

This jade roller has the jade stone which really helps to soothe the skin. But there is a trick, so the trick is you have to store jade roller in your refrigerator shortly then massage your face. This really cools and soothes the skin. 

5. Detoxify the body

Yes, this is true. It seems weird but yeah this really helps to flush out the toxins from your body. Massaging or facial rolling both helps to detoxify the skin. 

How to use a jade roller? 

There are few steps to follow for effective results so I am telling you step by step:-

1. Prepare the skin

Apply serum, facial oil or moisturizer to your face with slip. If you will not prep your face first then jade roller will pull your skin which causes the wrinkles. 

2. Collarbone and neck

By placing large side of the roller on collarbone and roll it upward. Repeat it 5-10 times. 

3. Cheek and jaw

By placing large side of roller on your chin move towards the ear on both sides  and apply gentle pressure. Repeat this 5-6 times. 

4. Forehead 

Use the large end and move the roller in upward direction towards the temples with gentle pressure. Repeat 5-6 times. 

5. Under eyes

Now use the small tip of roller and roll from the inner eye towards the outer corners of both eyes. Repeat 10 times. 

6. Eyebrows

Using the small end roll flat over your eyebrows horizontally. Repeat 5-10 times. 

This complete process will take only 5 minutes so don't worry and go ahead. 

How to clean jade roller? 

You have to clean jade roller after every use. Use any mind soap or face wash with warm water. As you are using it everyday so maintain hygiene and clean it well. Otherwise it will cause harm to your face. Avoid soaking it in water and putting very hot water on it. Lay the roller horizontally on a clean flat surface. 

How often should you use a jade roller? 

You have to use it daily after completing your skincare routine for the best results. Jade roller is completely safe for daily use.


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