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How to prevent maskne with Bioderma sebium range?

 How to prevent maskne with Bioderma sebium range? 

How to prevent and get rid of maskne

Have you ever heard maskne before? If not then let me tell you what is it and how to prevent it in just two steps. And if you are aware of maskne then you should know more about it. Read on.

 Maskne is made up of the two words that is mask+acne= maskne. As the Covid pandemic came into our life it has changed our lifestyle. Mask and sanitizer became the essential part of our daily life. We have to wear the mask for long long hours. It leads to skin condition and maskne is one of them. Maskne mostly targets the acne prone skin. Due to wearing mask for long hours the blemishes on lower half of the face has been noticed. So that a new word has been invented that is maskne which is caused due to wearing the mask. 

What is maskne? 

Maskne is a skin condition that is caused due to wearing mask for long hours. Breakouts are caused when you wear mask continuously for more than 4 hours. It causes the acne and blemishes. 

What is the cause of maskne? 

There are several skin conditions of maskne, so the causes may be different. 

1. Clogged pores- Clogged pores is one of the reasons for skin conditions. We already have bacteria, oil and dead skin cell and once you wear the mask it develops more and clogs the pores. 

2. Sweating

Breathing and sweating trap humidity in the skin which leads to acne. Due to sweating mask traps the humidity in the skin. 

3. Friction

When you wear a mask it rubs to the skin and this causes the irritation. 

4. Dirty mask

This is the worst reason for maskne. You should always wear clean mask because dirty mask develops the bacteria into your skin and causes acne. Wear soft cotton mask. 

How to prevent it with Bioderma sebium range? 

How to prevent maskne with Bioderma sebium range?
Bioderma foaming face wash & micellar water

Maskne can be prevented by cleansing your skin properly. After knowing the causes we came to know that cleansing is must for preventing it. Bioderma has a sebium range which is basically for cleansing the skin and prevents maskne effectively. So there are two steps and you need only two products. 

1. Bioderma Sebium H2O

This is purifying cleansing micellar water for combination to oily skin. This contains the zinc and copper which helps to purify the skin and ginkgo biloba that refines the skin. This micellar water cleanses the skin gently without drying. You can even use it for removing the makeup. This micellar water controls the sebum production. 

How to use? 

Take a cotton pad and add enough micellar water over it. Gently cleanse the face with it. You don't have to use water after that. 

How to prevent maskne with Bioderma sebium range?
Bioderma micellar water and foaming fcace wash

2. Bioderma sebium gel moussant

This is foaming face wash that cleanses the face without completely drying your face. 

This reduces the blemishes and oiliness and limits sebum secretion . It contains zinc and copper sulphate which is very good for your skin. This face wash is for combination to oily skin too. 

How to use? 

Just after cleansing with Bioderma micellar water. Wash your face with this face wash gently and wipe off. After that you can continue your skincare routine. 


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