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Top 5 benefits of neem wood comb

 Top 5 benefits of neem wood comb 

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In our day to day busy life we forget to take care of our hair. Combing your hair daily is one of the good hair habits. But for saving our 10 minutes we ignore that how important is to combing. 

Top 5 benefits of neem wood comb

Do you know how can a simple comb be beneficial to hair? Isn't it amazing? It can reduce all hair concerns such as itching scalp, dandruff, hair loss, frizzy hair. Neem comb is the one solution to all your hair problems. So let's know about the amazing benefits of using a neem comb. 


1. Non static

Unlike plastic comb, neem comb doesn't generate static electricity that makes your hair frizzy and dry. Combing your hair with plastic one makes your hair frizzy and dry but this doesn't happen with neem wood comb. This makes your hair healthy and silky. 

2. Controls hair loss

Neem comb is proven to control hair fall with regular use. This doesn't mean that it will control your hair fall completely because there are some other reasons for hair loss. But this can gradually make your hair healthy which leads to less hair fall. 

3. Gentle on hair and scalp

Plastic combs have sharp and pointed edges that can be harsh on your hair and leads to other hair concerns. This helps in blood circulation which leads to hair growth and hair strength. Neem comb has round and clean edges as well as tooth so that it remains gentle on your hair and scalp. 

4. Reduce dandruff

Plastic combs allow fungal infection in your scalp that leads is dandruff. But Neem comb doesn't allow any such fungal infection as neem is antibacterial and antifungal that is too good for hair. Neem has so many benefits for hair that's why it is good as compare to plastic one. 

5. Removes dirt from scalp

Damage hair and dandruff are due to unwanted particles and dirt settled on scalp. Plastic comb doesn't remove the dirt from scalp but wooden comb does this as it is gentle on the scalp. So further you will not suffer from any hair concern. 

How to use neem comb? 

Use it daily for healthy, shiny and silky hair. Neem comb costs nothing but can be a lifesaver for your hair. Hair is the crown of every girl so care for it with love. Use it gently on your hair and comb your hair with it as you do. 

How to clean wood comb? 

For neem comb you have to clean it daily. Don't soak in any liquid or water for long time. Just soak it for max 5-10 minutes daily and then wipe off. Don't clean it will any harsh brush. 


Neem comb is environmental friendly. This is completely biodegradable. They are handcrafted and made from natural neem wood so they are ecofriendly. 


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