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Mamaearth ubtan face wash review

 Mamaearth ubtan face wash review

Hello everyone! 

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So guys today's post is something different than beauty tips. In this post I am gonna review a product which I have purchased through symtten one week ago. So, I would like to review a face wash that I am using since one week. This face wash is mamaearth ubtan face wash with turmeric and saffron. I always look for natural and chemical free products as I trust natural ones. So I thought to get a natural face wash from mamaearth as it is a great brand. 

Mamaearth ubtan face wash review

Now without wasting any time let's get started with the review. Are you excited? 

Product name - Mamaearth ubtan face wash 

Price - ₹99 for 25ml

Shelf life - 2 years

Availability - on all online stores BUY NOW


The product contains natural ingredients. 

It repairs the sun damage and removes suntan. 

It lightens and brightens the skin with the extracts of turmeric and saffron. 

This product is paraben and silicone free. 

It suits all skin types and dermatologically tested. 

It contains walnut beads that exfoliate the dead skin cells. 

Directions for use

Apply a small amount on wet face. Massage with your fingertips in a circular motion. Concentrate scrubbing your forehead, nose and chin. Rinse off with water and pat dry. Avoid direct eye contact. 


Mamaearth ubtan face wash review


Mamaearth ubtan face wash comes in a rectangular carton box. And inside carton box you will get a White color tube of face wash. Carton box is so strong and tube is really soft. 

On the front side of box you will see some of its features like removes tan, chemical free, suits all skin and so on. On another side of the box you will see the ingredients and other details. 

You have to open the cap of the tube by rotating it which is really easy. Now, by gently squeezing the tube, the face wash will come out. And also its packaging is texture free. 

Overall, I really really love its packaging❤. 

Texture and fragrance

Mamaearth ubtan face wash review

The texture of mamaearth ubtan face wash is thick and smooth which is easy to apply. It contains very small beads of walnuts. This is something yellow in color that is a good color. 

This face wash has a mild fragrance like saffron and natural. I like its mild fragrance. 

My experience

I am trying first face wash from mamaearth. It cleanses the skin really well and also little bit exfoliate the face but not like a scrub. You need a scrub still after using it. It also brightens the skin with continuous use. I am using this for one week I am satisfied with its claims. But after using it, this little bit dry out my skin as I already have a dry skin so after washing my face I use moisturizer that works for me. I also like its packaging so much whereas they use the recycled plastic. This brand and its face wash are so good 👍. This face wash is also affordable and available in all online stores. It contains the saffron extracts and I love saffron. It also contains turmeric extracts which helps in skin brightening and tan removing. So overall I like this face wash. 


Paraben and silicone free

Does what it says

Suits all skin type

Natural fragrance

Travel friendly


Brightens the skin and contains all natural ingredients. 


May dry out the skin

Exfoliation is not so effective so still you will also need a scrub after using this

Not effective for old tan. 




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