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Best styling tips for skinny girls to look stunning


Hello everyone! 

I hope you all are doing well!!! 

If you are really skinny and you think that your dressing style doesn't suit you so guys this article is literally for you... 
I will solve all your problems related to dressing style. You can wear anything, you just have to keep small tips in mind which I am gonna tell you right now.

Styling tips for skinny girls

I am also very skinny guys and I faced many problems like you. But these tips are really helpful to improve the dressing sense. 

Skinny people has straight body and we just have to add curves to it.
We have to make shoulders and hips look broad and keep the waist as it is. This will not make you look thinner anymore. You will also become confident and people will also praise you.

So now let's know about the tips to look ๐Ÿ˜Žsmart. hehehe

Slim girls can definitely wear Kurtis but here you have to keep some important points in your mind while choosing the Kurti. 

#COLOR- You have to choose bold colors for yourself, here bold means bright colors like red, yellow, orange, blue etc. You have to avoid the complete black color. 

#PRINTS- You can choose Kurtis which has some prints not very small. You have to choose average kind of prints. 

#FABRIC- Here you have to choose thick fabrics like cotton, silk. Please avoid thin fabrics like shiffon, Georgette etc.
#SIZE -You can choose long or short Kurtis and also anarkali Kurti and A-line Kurti. You should opt for full sleeves or sleeveless.
#BOTTOM WEAR - You have to wear palazzo and flared skirts with Kurtis. You should completely avoid the leggings and skinny pants. You will look very thin while wearing leggings and skinny pants. 

Jeans is one of the outfits which is loved by everyone. But skinny girls should pay some attention to it while choosing the right jeans. 

#COLOR- You should go for light color jeans ๐Ÿ‘–. Don't choose the dark colors jeans for yourself like black. 

#SIZE-You can opt for short or full length jeans which you prefer, all suits you. You can go for mid rise and low rise jeans that completely suits you. 

#AVOID SKINNY JEANS- You have to avoid skinny jeans completely. You will look very slim with it. You have to go for slim fit jeans that give you a perfect shape. 

Tops are most important part of our outfits, you can pair up them with your jeans, jeggings. 

#DESIGN-  You can go for those kinds of tops which have some work around the neck. You can opt frill neck designs and ruffles. ANND also you can opt for neck collars and high neck. Also puff sleeves tops and sleeveless tops are best for you. 

#PRINTS- You can go with the horizontal prints and vertical prints don't look good. 

#COLOR- Choose the bright colors for yourself and avoid the dark colors like black. Go for the bold colors. 

#SIZE - You should always choose the loose tops- not too loose. Don't choose the fitted tops because you can look more skinny with them. 
Don't choose tops with half sleeves. 
Peplum tops are the best for you. 

Lehnga is one the best outfit for functions, weddings. Lehnga is loved by everyone including me. But sometimes lehnga doesn't suit you because of being so slim. Now some small tips regarding it can give you an amazing look. 

#DESIGN- You should always go for the flared lehnga. Fish cut lehnga is a bad option for you. 

#Here I am not mentioning the colors, fabrics and prints because you can go for any of the colors you want, any of the prints and fabrics you like. Here is only a need for choosing the right design which I told you above. 

Sarees are the ancient and great Indian wear. This is loved by all the women and girls too. You won't think to wear it because you know you can look thin while wearing the sarees. Here are some tips....

#FABRIC- While choosing the sarees you should opt for thick and stiff fabrics. Don't choose light fabrics like Georgette etc. 

#DESIGN- You can go for the horizontal border designs that look really smart. You can go for neck designs like collars which gives you a heavy look. Don't choose the half sleeves, go for full or sleeveless designs. 

You can choose any color you want and you like. 

Many bottom wear clothes looks good on you. I am talking about those bottom wears which you can wear on tops, kurtis. 

(a) PALAZZO - Palazzo is one of the great options for slim girls. You have to wear Palazzo with kurtis (short, long, anarkali and A-line kurtis) . Your legs will not look very thin in the Palazzo and it balances the body very well.

(b) LOOSE DENIMS-  This styling tip is a bonus point for us. You can pair up loose denims with fitted tops. It will give you a amazing smart look. 

(c) PAPER BAG PANTS- This high waisted kinda pants looks really stunning on you. This adds an extra volume to our body and gives a perfect curve. You have to wear comfortable fitted tops with it. 

(d) STRAIGHT PANTS-  This is For those who want to wear the pants with tops. Then you can definitely go for it by wearing a shirt with it. And  choose the thick fabric when you buy straight pants. 

(e) SKIRTS- Skirts here means long flared skirts. This kind of skirt is perfect for you. You can style it with kurtis or tops . This is perfect tip for you guys. And  sharara pants are also very stylish and perfect for you. 

Dress is one of the stylish and unique outfits for any kind of outing and functions. 
We skinny girls also look cool  with it just by following Some tips. 

#DESIGN - You should always opt for fit and flare dresses. Don't choose the straight kind of dress. Fit and flare dress add a curve to your body and it maintains your body. 
You should go for full sleeves or sleeveless dresses. 

#COLOR- Choose the bright color dress for yourself because  these are more attractive for you and  avoid overall black color . You can mix and match the colors. 

#SIZE- You can go for short or long dress whichever you want. But for short dress you should opt for the peplum kind of dress and for full length you can go for fit and flare dress. 

Heels are the one which we all want to wear but some people say that you will not look good in heels as you are very skinny. 
If you are short then you can choose high heels but if your thin and tall I will not suggest for high heels. You can wear block heels, kitten heels, wedges. And you should avoid the flats. 

Layering means layer up your outfit with another cloth. Nowadays layering is very trendy. People wear jackets and shrugs to layer up. This is really important for you. Layering gives a perfect posture to your body and your body will look balance. 
And here is a point when you wear the jacket you should never choose the straight jackets, always choose those jacket which has a curved shape. 

As you are thin so every hairstyle doesn't suit you. Your face looks thin and long.
You can go for high ponytail and high bun with tops and kurtis. This is the best option for tops and kurtis. And you can also opt for open hairs that will look perfect on you. It makes your face look balanced. 

So, that it is guys. I hope you found it helpful. These are best styling tips for skinny girls. You can follow them and be confident whatever you wear. Confidence makes you stylish and beautiful. 


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