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How to remove dark circles naturally


Eyes play very important part in our face and beauty. Everyone wants that eyes should look beautiful and dark circles is a major problem for almost everyone. Many under eye creams available in the market but the home remedies of any problem is time saving and money saving and definitely gives a satisfactory result.

When the solution is available in your home then why do you need to go out. Use the home recipes and solve the every problem.


1) Improper sleep 
Not taking the proper sleep is one of the reasons for dark circles. Take proper sleep for at least 7-8 hours. You feel fresh and active.

2) Lack of hydration
When your body not getting the proper amount of water this causes dehydration. Drink a lot of water to hydrate your skin and your eyes and eyelids.

3) Genetic
Family history is also a cause of dark circles. Due to genetic reasons dark circles show in early age and go worsen as you got older. Another reason is Thyroid Disease which causes the dark circles.

4) Sun exposure
Exposure in the sun causes the dark circle. Skin of the eye area is very thinner and exposer to the sun causes the worse and darken the eyelids.

5) Ageing
As you become older or as your age grows your skin becomes loose and loses the fat. So, this causes dark circles. You have to take care properly of your eyelids then it will not cause dark circles.

6) Eyestrain
Nowadays mobile and laptop are the major cause of eye weakness and you know what this also causes dark circles. Do not stare too much at your phone and laptop.


We can remove the dark circles from the things we use every day and  even the food and drink we use.

Let's know what are those easy and effective home remedies for removing dark circles.

Yes, the raw potato. You can use it for removing dark circles it will improve the discoloration and remove dark circles permanently. It lightens the dark circles and reduces puffiness of the eyes.

How To Use
Take a chilled potato and peel it off. Grate it and extract its juice.

◾Now, take a cotton ball and soak it into the juice and place it on your closed eyes.

◾Be sure that your dark circles are covered entirely with the cotton ball.

◾ Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash your eyes. 

◾Do this 3 times in a week.

Massage will improve the blood circulation of the eyes and reduces the dark circles.
For this you need olive oil, coconut oil and Vitamin E capsules.

How To Use
◾Take 1/4th cup of olive oil and also 1/4th cup of coconut oil and oil of 2 Vitamin E capsules.

◾Mix all the above ingredients well. Transfer into a container. You can store this for months.

◾Take pea sized amount of this mixture and massage all over your eye area with gentle hands for 2-3 minutes.

◾Do this every night before going to bed. Use daily for quick results.

Tomato has a powerful bleaching agent which can lighten the skin. It protects from damage.

How To Use
◾Take a tomato and take out its juice.

◾Take a cotton ball and dip it into the juice.

◾Keep it over your eyes and cover your eyes entirely.

◾Leave it for 10 minutes and relax.
Do this 3 times a week for better results.

Cucumber relaxes the eyes and reduce puffiness around the eyes and also soothes the eyes.

How To Use
Take a chilled cucumber and peel it off.

◾Then grate it  and take out its juice.

◾Take a cotton pad and soak into the juice.

◾ Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash with cold water.

◾Do this 3 times a in a week.

◾The second method is to cut thick cucumber slices. Keep them on your closed eyes for half an hour.

These are the causes and home treatment for your dark circles. The above methods can definitely remove your dark circles. You have to be consistent for the permanent removal of dark circles.


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  1. Really helpful Remedy some of them I have already used ..but remaining will be really beneficial for our whole skin...👍👍


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