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How to make lip balm at home in 5 minutes

How to make lip balm at home

Lips are important part of our beauty and in makeup, the focus is on lips and eyes. Without lip makeup our all over makeup is incomplete.. Isn't it?
So, are you bored with buying expensive lip balm which is full of chemicals and surely not good for your skin and even not gets the good results? That's why I gonna tell you how you can make your lip balm at home with natural ingredients and you will get rosy pink lips. 

There is also an advantage in making anything by using natural ingredients ourselves, that we are at least making it in front of our eyes, we are making it by ourselves.


Here you only need 4 completely natural ingredients. 



🔶Take a beetroot, peel it and then wash it. After that, you need to grate it. Then strain it in a bowl and take out its juice.

🔶Again, take a clean bowl. Add 2 teaspoons beetroot juice, 1 teaspoon coconut oil, 1 teaspoon rosewater and 2 vitamin E capsule's juice.

🔶Mix all of them well and take them out in any small container or you have your old Lip balm empty container.

🔶Now, refrigerate it for 1 hour. And your lip balm is ready to use.


◾You have to use your DIY lip balm in morning after face wash.

◾And definitely before going to bed apply it evenly.

◾Before applying any lipstick you have to moisturize your lip and What would be better than this lip balm.


🔶It will give you pink rosy lips and hydrate your lips because of which your lips will not get dry.

🔶When you use it constantly you will get pink rosy lips naturally.

🔶Using it before any lipstick you will not get dry and black lips.

🔶Beetroot is natural dye which makes your lips pink.

🔶Coconut oil hydrates the lips and makes it smooth.

🔶Rose water is also helpful in making your lips pink.

🔶And you know the benefits of vitamin E, It will make your lips pink and soft and smooth .

NOTE:- You can preserve this DIY LIP BALM for 6 months.

So, you all see the benefits of this natural lip balm.
And How it is??
This is very easy and effective lip balm. If you like it leave a comment below and after using it constantly you will get results. 

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