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Klinex soothing cleansing lotion -review


Hey guys! 

I hope you all are doing well!!! 

In this article i m gonna review on a cleanser that is KLINEX SOOTHING CLEANSING LOTION. 
Earlier , I reviewed on LA SHIELD SUNSCREEN GEL SPF 40 . This cleansing lotion is wonderful for acne prone and sensitive skin. My brother has used it when he got acne and pimples due to hormonal changes and within a month he got rid of all the pimples. It also removed the dark spots and acne spots. This cleanser also removes the makeup well. This is really soothes the skin and keeps glowing and fresh skin. 

Whenever I give you a review about a product, first I will use it myself and only when I am satisfied  I will tell you about it.


INR 225 for 125 ml. 


Mild and gentle facewash for SENSITIVE SKIN
  • Eczematous skin eg. Atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, hand foot eczema. 
  • Face of acne patients with normal to dry skin
  • Xerotic skin
  • Sunburnt skin
  • Dry, sensitive & irritated skin caused by use of retinoids. 

Available on any pharmacy store. 


1.Take a cotton ball and drop some amount of lotion on it. Then gently massage and wash off with water. 

2.Take a cotton a ball and drop some amount of lotion on it. Then massage and wipe the skin with tissue. 

Don't rub the skin. 

So, this is the dual benefit of this lotion. You can use it with water and without water. 


See the ingredients below :-

It contains cetyl alcohol and stearly alcohol which makes the soft and supple. 


This is white and transparent in color .and has a running consistency. This lotion is fragrance free an non -comedogenic so this is a plus point for those who doesn't use fragrance based products
This really soothes the skin and don't produce any rashes and redness . This lotion is very soft for the skin and gives a fresh and mild effect.This doesn't give any rashes and redness. This is a non soap and lipid free lotion. 

KLINEX lotion removes the makeup very well without rubbing and getting harsh. 


This comes in a white color cardboard carton box. The box is not so hard. 

When you open the box you will get a bottle which contains the lotion and there is also a slip with it that mentions everything about the product.

The bottle also comes in white color. It has a squeezed cap which is tightly fit. You can take out the liquid easily from the bottle, no need to press. 


This KLINEX CLEANSING LOTION is best for acne prone and sensitive skin. It also helpful in removing the dark spots and acne spots. It keeps the face glowing and healthy. It really soothes the skin and feels very soft on the skin. 

It gives the best result when you use it before bed . The way to use at night is just use as I told above and then apply moisturizer. 

This is easy to apply and the packaging is not so strong that's why you will have to be handled carefully. 

It removes the makeup very gently without rubbing the skin. This gives the best results when you will use it at night. 

  • Best for acne prone skin and sensitive skin
  • Removes dark spots and black spots
  • Removes pimples
  • Removes makeup
  • Affordable
  • Gives glowing and healthy skin

  • Not Easily available online
  • Handle carefully

So, that it is guys. This is my genuine review on this lotion. Whenever I give you a review about a product, first I will use it myself and only when I am satisfied with it then I tell will you about it.

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